January 26, 2021
Executive Officers
Gregory L. Segall
Paul Halpern
Thomas A. Kennedy, Esq.
Kenneth E. Kummerer, Jr.
Professional Team
Kamal Advani
Lewis H. Aronson
Stephen E. Dorman
Michael Fram
Raymond C. French
Patricia Graver
Paul A. Guarino
Michael J. Kimball
Matthew S. Levitties
David S. Lorry
William R. Quinn
Matthew Raymon
Rick Schreiber
Randall R. Schultz
Thomas Wang
Daniel Weisman
Matthew Raymon
Principal, Investments

Prior to joining Versa, where he is a member of the Investment team, Mr. Raymon had over five years of restructuring advisory and investment banking experience, most recently as an Associate with Conway Del Genio Gries & Co. where he focused on restructuring and M&A advisory and turnaround management services. In this capacity, Mr. Raymon worked closely with companies and creditors on both in-court and out-of-court transactions.

Prior to that, Mr. Raymon worked in Wachovia Securities' Debt Capital Markets group where he focused on fixed income origination for industrial, financial and real estate clients.

Mr. Raymon received a B.A. in Economics from Emory University.
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